Friday, September 24, 2010

Things that are Currently Making me Happy

1. PureLife Conference this weekend. (You can still sign up or read the blog!)

2. My friend changing her blog from "Young, Fabulous, & Single" to "Young, Fabulous, & Falling in Love...Finally!"

3. Fall is officially HERE! Starbucks, you make me LAUGH!

4. The new line from White House/Black Market

5. Getting Re-Tweeted on Twitter

6. Taking a break from my PureLife Marketing Director duties and going to watch the Fighting Camels play football Saturday afternoon. (How will I wear ORANGE?)


7. Charity giving me the great idea of an ORANGE scarf instead of a shirt

7. Celebrating Shawntyee's Birthday with Sunday Brunch at 411 West wearing my new WHBM outfit!

8. Palate Profiler: A Charleston Food Blog written by one of my favorite people!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hans wanted to eat at "The Pig Stand" while we were driving through Daytona on Sunday...

Since he doesn't know what the Floridians actually think of that part of the state, I went along with him. I'll admit. I have been slightly curious all these years. Once we got there, I found my favorite recycled artist dropped some of his chickens there!

Yes, one of the largest Harley-Davidson store in the world was next door.

No, we didn't go check it out. (We probably should have just for the experience!)

I'm just not one of those girls who gets excited about a Harley. Can I appreciate a guy who rides one? Sure, as long as I already appreciate him for things that have nothing to do with what is hanging out in his garage.

My former extreme distaste for the logo, was born of one too many days stuck in the middle of Myrtle Beach Biker Week traffic while in town visiting my customers. It is just not fun to see a guy who hasn't showered in days, shaved in months, or bought a shirt that fits in years accidentally flashing me as he leans over beside the handlebars to spit on the sidewalk.

My opinion has slowly changed over the past year. I'm sure my clean cut co-worker buying one and then Todd Bentley wearing Harley-Davidson emblazoned shirts has contributed to that.

For the foodies out there who are wondering if the BBQ pork was good: It wasn't up to Carolina's vinegar standards but the pulled chicken was delicious!

Monday, June 30, 2008

My sister has an internship with this incredibly amazing fashion empire in New York City this summer.

We were visiting her this weekend. One of her new friends has been super excited about being able to go tour a REAL FARM. (For the few of you who don't know, my father runs one of the largest poultry companies in existence.)

Alisha leans over before church started on Sunday and says, "Jaine called yesterday and wanted to know if my family wouldn't like to go with her on the farm tour that afternoon. I told her that you all would probably just prefer to stay in the city."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Love those Mountainiers!

Welcome to Hebron Rock Colony which Garrett & Lauren Cho introduced me to (known to the locals like Matt as "the broken dam"... still unsure Ceeece knows where it is)

One of my next door neighbors (growing up at home AND at the beach), Lauren, brought her friend, Stacey, from App.

You climb up this low incline waterfall and have to find a way to jump from rock to rock. There were quite a few "I wish I had a stunt double" jumps!
The views down the mountain were GORGEOUS. The pictures don't even do them justice!

I LOVED THIS PLACE!! Seriously, you should go!
We had a few scary moments with the snakes. You are jumping from boulder to boulder and aren't expecting any wildlife. Lauren almost stuck her hand right on these two guys!

Thanks to Amy, Garrett, Shannon, Lauren Cho & Lauren Lewis who either provided the ideas or went alone with me!

Monday, May 26, 2008


I just got to Boone, NC and I'm hanging out here (aka WORKING for a few days).

My plans are to work hard during the day and then see the area once I'm in town. I just discovered "The Horn of the West" which is an outdoor drama but it doesn't open until June so I will just have to schedule another trip up here after the opening date.

I'm open to suggestions for what you Mountainers think I should do while I'm here!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Change of perspective...

I really have had a hard time blogging over the past year. My focus of what I have found interesting has changed. Priorities change.

Also, I can now share photos over facebook with people which is completely fun and was one of the main purposes of me starting this blog in the first place. I wanted you to explore my life in South Carolina with me while I was living down there as a way to stay connected to my friends & fam.

I'll be in and out but it probably won't be the same type of stuff.